Aromatherapy Inhaler - Travel Easy
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Aromatherapy Inhaler - Travel Easy

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Our aromatherapy inhalers are designed to help relieve stress and anxiety. Simply take a deep breath, and let the power of plants put your mental wellness back in balance. We use organic, sustainably sourced, and fair trade essential oils and spices. Cruelty free. Handmade in USA.
Intention: To ease the stress that comes with traveling, whether it's for work or pleasure

Carry with you on your next trip to relieve stress that comes with traveling. Refreshes, elevates, balances, reduces irritability, and counters exhaustion. It can also help mask odor that you may encounter during your trip (ever sat next to a person with stinky socks?).

Custom blended authentic essential oils, combined with aromatic herbs and spices inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. 

Key essential oils in this inhaler:
Lavender (Lavendula augustofolia)
Ho Wood (Cinnamomum camphora)
Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

Key chemical components in above essential oils (apprx): 

Lavender (linalool 28.92%, linalyl acetate 32.98%)
Ho Wood (linalool 80%)
Bergamot (limonene 29%, linalool 13%)

Directions: Hold the jar 3~4" away from the nose, and deeply inhale once or twice, up to 10 times a day whenever you need it. Lasts for about 3~4 months after opening, depending on the frequency of use.

Comes in a gift box.

Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Close the lid tightly after use. Keep away from reach of children. Not recommended for those pregnant or breast-feeding.

All essential oils, spices, and herbs are:

Carefully handmade in New York City