California Chill Diffuser
California Chill Diffuser
California Chill Diffuser

California Chill Diffuser

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Drinks on the beach. Toes in the sand. It’s good to be you.

Fragrance Notes: Indian Rose, Green Mint, Cannabis Bud, Sandalwood

Ideas: We love this bohemian scent for the living room, the lounging room or the back deck of your beach house. Designed to bring the outdoors in

Lasts: 4 - 6 Months

Hyascent is here to bring a beautiful welcome into your home or office.

Born from the simple need for a high-quality home fragrance diffuser that doesn’t require sticks, cords, outlets, batteries or apps, the vision of founder and top-selling San Francisco realtor Helena Zaludova became one of elegance and sophistication.

The journey to develop Hyascent’s award-winning design took Helena from a cozy California design studio to perfumeries in France, villages in the Czech Republic, a woodshop in the Midwest that accepted a task others had deemed undoable, and, finally, a factory in Pennsylvania specializing in hand assembly.

Turn Over a New Scent™ with an hourglass diffuser that works as easily as it looks, and looks as attractive as it smells.