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Cook Beautiful

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Two years of my most inspiring, rewarding work is at last being revealed today!

I cannot even begin to express how excited and proud I am to share with you, my core community of swooners, the cover of my cookbook, COOK BEAUTIFUL. I’m also divulging the back-cover image, which YOU chose!

COOK BEAUTIFUL, which will be released with Abrams on October 10th, is where design meets food. It is where culinary tradition marries food styling, where home chefs become experts. The book is now available for pre-order on here. In the coming months, I will roll out an exciting pre-order campaign with a super fun giveaway as a little thank-you for all of your support. If you pre-order now, just save your proof of purchase and stay tuned for more specifics!

My inaugural cookbook promises to deliver my swooniest tricks for elevating the visual presentation of your meals. Each recipe is not only photographed, (because I know I would never make a dish I could not see!), but also offers a visual “swoon tip”. These are little tips I have picked up along the way from the plethora of inspiring chefs, food and prop stylists, photographers, and bloggers I have been so fortunate to cook alongside.

We all eat with our eyes before a single bite touches our lips. Our eyes provide our first sensory experience of a recipe or meal, luring us in. The book is organized by season, as my cooking style relies on Mother Earth and the bounty she delivers us month to month. But while seasonal ingredients, of course, inspire my recipes, seasonality also impacts my life, and all of our lives, well beyond just ingredients. This broader definition of seasonality, encompassing the way we live our life throughout the year, is something I sought to capture in the book.