Lovebirds Frame 5 x 7
Lovebirds Frame 5 x 7

Lovebirds Frame 5 x 7

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The Lovebirds Collection celebrates love and the deeply engrained nature in us all to bond with one another. The branch that the birds perch upon symbolizes growth and evokes tree of life imagery. The white, four-petaled flowers represent wholeness, unity, and innocence.

“There is a certain vulnerability in opening your heart and letting your connection with someone blossom. I am fascinated by the way Lovebirds take care of each other in nature, courting each other, feeding each other, and creating lifelong connections in a way so parallel to the human experience.” - M.

  • 10"L x 8" W
  • Holds 5x7 Photo
  • Oxidized
  • Goldtone
  • White Enamel