Lucia Earrings in Golden Starless

Lucia Earrings in Golden Starless

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Interested in something a touch more unexpected? Lucia Earrings are a modern spin on a feminine classic—the bow. Tiny glass beads are strung tightly together and fashioned into a loose, flowing bow. In its center sits a statement bead, which hangs from a show-stopping brass stud that bursts forth like a firework. You’ll have a hard time choosing from a handful of staple colors, but have no problem working Lucia Earrings into every occasion wear. She’s the perfect playful wink.

24K Gold Plated Stainless Steel Beads
Crystal Rhinestones
FSC Wood Base
Upcycled Vegan Leather Backing
Stainless Steel Post / Hypoallergenic

H: 4”
W: 2.5”

0.2 oz

Handmade in Detroit.