A World of Color with Stephen Wilson Art

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Through his reinterpretation of classical embroidery techniques, North Carolina artist Stephen Wilson is pushing the boundaries on tradition to create one-of-a-kind art as timeless as it is fashion forward. Repurposing upcycled luxury materials, Wilson and his team of artisans at Stephen Wilson Studio use paint, embroidery, and found object assemblage to create each work of art. 


Pop Culture and high fashion’s influence is apparent in each design, expressed through his manipulation of repurposed luxury packaging and fabrics. Authentic materials from iconic fashion houses such as Hermès, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Goyard serve as the inspiration for each piece. Thousands of threads recreate your favorite Classic Rock Album Covers from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie and more, in vivid color and texture. This luxurious art series uses the beautiful packaging which accompanies designer purchases as a canvas for every work. These boxes and bags are part of the luxury experience but are inevitably discarded to make room for something else. Wilson’s designs transform these items into wholly unique works of art, capturing the emotion of luxury itself with a stunning end result. 

The iconic Hermès horse gallops across the canvas with a form enhanced by the brand’s colorful, hand-knotted scarves. Textured, jewel tone butterflies flit and float against the botanical embroidered backdrop of a Chanel box. With Wilson’s background as a freelance fashion embroidery designer, his strong ties to the fiber arts and luxury brands shine through his work. Each piece includes thousands, if not millions, of embroidery stitches, taking hundreds of hours to create at his Charlotte, NC studio. 

The Modularity Collection, available in-store and online from Talulah Belle in Downtown Rochester,  features these iconic works of art in modern, acrylic shadowbox frames. Using a standardized frame size, each piece can be assembled into endless variations to create your own modular, luxury gallery wall at home. Mix and match sizes and styles using the easy-to-hang cleat system included with every work to keep your gallery fresh and fabulous. Plus, the acrylic shadowbox frame allows each piece to stand on its own, perfect for styling on a shelf or tabletop. Each piece comes signed, presented in a beautiful gift box, making them a perfect companion for your next celebration. Bring home timeless luxury from your favorite designer brands with original art from Stephen Wilson Studio.

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